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Merkel Haptics, an IIT madras spinoff, has chosen HoloSuit platform for their surgical VR simulators!

Hansi Keishun Kakinohan (Shorinryu Shorin Kai) Okinawa Karate 10th Don ( black belt) from Japan using HoloSuit® to track and record their motion for his students around the world.

Dr Jayanth Sampath from the top Motion Analysis lab in India trying the HoloSuit.
HoloSuit is going to cut the time and cost for gait analysis by orders of magnitude and allow people with motor disabilities all around the world access to remote gait analysis and diagnostics in a portable manner!

Ramesh K Verma,Advisor, Presented Holosuit at VRTECH conference held at Pune 2018.

Aashish Kulkarni, Chairman of FICCI for animation, graphics spent time with our VP Stafford seeing robot acting as a virtual puppet with HoloSuit and Disusing how it can be used in Animation industry at VRTECH Conference held in Pune 2018.

HoloSuit being used in physio rehab of neurologically affected patients.

Mr. Gaurav Gupta, IAS, Principal Secretary,
Dept.of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology,
Government of Karnataka trying Holosuit at GAFX, Bangalore

Holosuit Demonstration for controlling the real time Robot which are used in Smart Industry Solutions at Factory of the Future held at Mumbai

Demonstrating HoloSuit to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar IAS, Chairman & Managing Director, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co., Ltd

Demonstrating HoloSuit to Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce and Industry

Bollywood Actor Mr. Vivek Oberoi getting information about Holosuit and its applications in Entertainment Industry at Elecrama, 2018, Delhi

Sudhir Kadam , HoloSuit's Strategy Advisor demonstrating HoloSuit at CES 2018 in Harrah's Las Vegas, to Zahava Stroud President of AngelLaunch

Stafford, VP of Product Development Demonstrating the HoloSuit at GAFX, Banglore

HoloSuit single finger gloves

HoloSuit controlling robot

Yoga using HoloSuit

Holo gloves interacting with the virtual world

Foot extension for the HoloSuit

GIF image illustrating HoloSuit controlling a robot

HoloSuit jersey, a stylish outlook with the same capabilities of the HoloSuit

Holo pant

3D models representing diff devices the HoloSuit supports

Holo gloves

Head extension for the HoloSuit

Stafford, VP of Products, HoloSuit, demonstrating HoloSuit at Road to GES 2017 Hyderabad

HoloSuit at GES2017

HoloSaber Fighting in Game

HoloSuit Mixed Reality

HoloSuit Designs

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